With ARISE:   The admissions process takes as little as 1 day. Once you complete the admissions process and join the Capture Virtual Solutions LLC team you then choose a client certification course. Realistically, it may be around 30 days before the class starts. Classes are typically around 30-45 days but some are self paced and can be completed in a matter of hours. Once certified you can start working immediately. Depending on how quickly you choose a class, it can take up to 2 months.

Because you are self employed, you are in control on when and how much you work. Choose a client that has a contract that meets your needs. If you need to provide your services only during the daytime or would like a client that is open 24/7, you can choose to do so.


With ACD Direct:  Registering could take up to 2 weeks depending on when you apply.  Allow time for processing. Training is 10 days. Once certified you began taking calls.