Our call list distribution will be posted on Mondays, your name will be listed to take calls. Please read the rules carefully and follow them.  Take note of the red links. 




✓ You must not reveal that you are a mystery shop caller.

✓ By accepting this assignment as a compliance caller, you are agreeing to not reveal this information to any third party as part of your terms of hire. The bond continues to exist between both parties, even after a working relationship has ceased, into perpetuity.

✓ You must keep the agent on the line at least 2 minutes in order to be compensated. WE DO NOT PAY FOR CALLS THAT DO NOT REACH AN AGENT and last for 2 under minutes.

✓ If you reach a recording saying that the service is not available in your area, contact us to replace the call for you. There is no pay for the calls that you only hear a recording like this. You can report this call type at this link: https://goo.gl/kthDGS

✓ You must use your real name that you provided on the proof of location you submitted with your test call.

✓ Your calls must be completed by the assigned date and time. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you cannot complete the list by the assigned date and time, be sure to let us know.

✓ Calls can only be made between the hours of 8am – 8pm EST Monday - Friday. Calls made outside of this time will not be accepted.

✓ You do not have to give any personal information besides your name. If you are asked to provide your SSN or address, you can politely decline. You are never required to give a SSN or address when contacting these companies. If you decide to give this information, do not make up a SSN or address. It has to be your real SSN or address or no SSN or address at all. Many companies will only offer to mail you information. In that case, you can consider having a real address handy to provide to them so they can complete your inquiry.

✓ Only if asked, you will tell the agent that you are calling in response to a TV ad. Do not mention this unless you are asked.

✓ The purpose of these calls is to test the agents to see how polite and knowledgeable they are about the product or company they represent. Please make sure your notes tell us about your experience with the agent, rating them in these two areas, at minimum. Your notes should be 2-3 sentences long. Notes that are shorter than this can void your call. (Example: Mary Jane was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. She provided the information very quickly and was able to answer all my questions. I would use this company based on this interaction. Another example: Bill Jones was very rude. He spoke very fast and did not give me the information I requested. He seemed rushed and upset throughout the call. I would not use this company based on this interaction.)

✓ Your call will be verified for completion. Falsifying calls will lead to non-payment for the list and banned from this project.

✓ The list must be completed in its entirety to get credit. Each list can take 1 – 3 hours to complete. Do not wait until the last minute to get started. If you cannot complete the list, please notify us as soon as possible.

✓ Do not block your number when dialing. You must use a landline phone, cell phone or a calling app. If you use a calling app, the call must dial thru your cellular plan (not Wi-Fi or data). Most calling apps will require that you set this up in the settings so that the call uses your minutes, not data or Wi-Fi. You must setup the voicemail on the app should you decide to use one. The agents will call back 99% of the time. You can let them go to voicemail, block or otherwise ignore the call back.

✓ Background noise is perfectly fine. The more you sound like a real customer, the better.

✓ If asked for an email address, you can either decline to provide the email address or provide a valid email address. Do not make one up.

✓ Do not leave voicemail messages. If you get a voicemail when calling, try your call again after 12 hours and be sure to call between 9am - 5pm EST (or the business hours that may be provided on the voicemail greeting). If you continue to get a voicemail after the second try, contact us to replace your call. There is no pay for the calls that you only reach a voicemail. You can report this call type at this link: https://goo.gl/kthDGS

✓ If the number you dial doesn’t work (fails to ring, busy signal, disconnect notice, etc) try again in 12 hours. Be sure the second call is within normal business hours of 9am - 5pm EST. We do not compensate for calls that do not connect with a person. So if your call continues to fail, contact us to replace the call with a different number. You can report this call type at this link: https://goo.gl/kthDGS

✓ Do not repeat any call that you have ever completed before. If you have received lists before and you have completed any of the calls listed on the list, let us know immediately and do not make the call again.

✓ Be sure to get the name of the person you spoke with. Use common spelling or spell it in the way it sounds. Do not ask them to spell it as this is a sure sign that you are a mystery shopper. If they don’t provide their last name, don’t ask for it. If they say their name is Bill, you can record just that. If they say Mr. Jones, that’s fine as well.

✓ Every call on this list must be made by the same person using the same telephone number. You cannot call from various telephone numbers nor provide various names as your name when calling.

✓ Be sure to document the following information: Your name you provided to the agent who answered the call, the telephone number you called from, the telephone number you dialed, name of the person you spoke with, 2-3 sentences about the call. Please consider writing this information down then enter the information into our Quality Assurance Form thereafter.

✓ The phone number you call from must remain valid for at least 90 days from the last call.

✓ You can not use numbers such as Google Voice.

✓ If the company calls you back, please answer and tell them you are no longer interested, went with another company or can not commit at this time.

✓ You MUST setup voicemail on your number that is personalized in your own voice.

✓ BE NATURAL! Do not create or sound scripted. Decide on your circumstances and give the agent information that supports that situation as if you were truly in it.

✓ Failure to follow these rules can result in the forfeiture of your payment for the calls.

✓ On each call, make sure you provide the same scenario. For example, on a tax call, if your debt is $10,205 on the first tax call, all other tax calls on that list should have the same debt amount and circumstances.

✓ Calls should have a natural ending. Don't rush off the phone in a way that is rude, abrupt or in any way unnatural.

✓ Know the county (or parish) they are calling from and to attempt to use a personal phone number from the area code that they live in. If you are traveling and on their cell phone, they should be aware of the weather back home in case it is brought up in small talk. Although it's normal to travel, explaining that on the phone for these purposes is too time-consuming.

✓ If an agent is rude or otherwise challenging the agent should not confront the agent with anything more then expressing that they do not like the behavior of the agent and then advise us of the problem call. Callers should not be caught off guard by such agents and aware that this is one of the issues we are looking for and hoping to resolve.