Quality Assurance Mystery Shopper

Virtual Assistants who perform work on this project will receive weekly lists of businesses they must call.  You will be given a scenario and perform a "mystery shop" of these businesses by phone.  After obtaining the name of the person who assisted you on the call, the name of the company you will provide 2-3 sentences on how the agent treated you, how knowledgeable they were, if you would use their service based on the interaction, etc.



Pay is $3 per completed QA call.  Lists typically take 2.5 - 3 hours to complete.  You are expected to give your real name (or the name assigned to you) and a real address when placing these calls. You are never expected to give personal information such as your SSN. You can use your cell phone or landline to make these calls.

Calls must be made Monday - Friday between 9am - 8pm EST.  You can select the times you complete these calls. 



● At least 18 years or older
● Able to work selected hours Monday-Friday between 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM EST
● Owns a personal cell phone, a charger and familiar with calling apps to complete calls.
● Regular access to a computer, internet and email.
● Able to work independently with little supervision.
● Able to follow instructions.
● Strong observation skills.
● Excellent writing skills.
● Dependable, prompt and objective.
● Able to fill out a simple online form.
● Has a personal Gmail account.
● Able to use the basic functions of Gmail (sending, receiving and replying to email) and Google Drive (sharing documents, spreadsheets and PDFs).

This is not meant to be part time or full time, just a little extra cash into your pockets.

    Apply to be a QA Mystery shopper 

Join the Google group to receive lists when prompted. An email will be sent with the group link.

You will be notified if you have been selected to take calls for the week, this is how you will need to access the calling list.


Access to our Quality Assurance weekly lists.


1. Visit www.capturevirtualsolutionsllc.com

2. Sign up as a member

3. Locate the face to bring down the menu

4. Go to Quality Assurance Mystery Shoppers

5. Locate your name

6. Locate the calling list below your name that you have for that week due by Thursday.



Lists will be posted on Mondays, an email reminder will be sent out to you once it is posted. If you have not responded to our request for agents, please respond to be placed on the waiting list. If you have already started making calls, you will be continued for 3-4 weeks unless you send us an email requesting to be taken off for the following week. You must request to be put back on it you take time off. 


if we need additional callers during the week its first response first serve, We will still put you on the next available list if you are not selected. 

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